Jennifer Aniston Engagement Rumors: Star Steps Out With Diamond Ring (PHOTO)

Is she or isn't she?

Jennifer Aniston can't seem to escape those pesky engagement rumors, but it's not as though she's trying too hard to avoid them either. According to, the star and her boyfriend, Justin Theroux, returned from Paris on Monday and she was spotted sporting what appears to be a diamond ring.

However, before anyone starts sounding the engagement alarms, take a closer look: Aniston's ring is on her right hand, not her left, which is the traditional hand placement for an engagement ring.

One other thing to note: She's stepped out with this ring before! She was spotted wearing it in Paris and earlier in June at the 40th AFI Life Achievement Awards Honoring Shirley MacLaine in Los Angeles.

Of course, this isn't the first time Aniston has been subject to engagement rumors based on a ring. Last year, when she stepped out with a gold ring on her left hand, rumors started swirling that the couple was ready to tie the knot. However, it turns out the couple just likes to wear matching "Justin" and "Jennifer" rings, without any marriage proposals in the picture.

Though if Theroux did pop the question to Aniston -- the couple was rumored to be scouting wedding locations in Paris, after all -- we have a feeling the actress might skip tradition when it comes to her second wedding.

Tell us: Are Aniston and Theroux really engaged this time around, or are they just having a little fun at the expense of the media? Sound off below!

By : Huffingtonpost

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